Ultra YT


  • Shatterproof polycarbonate decentred lenses for optical quality.

  • Yellow tinted lenses increase contrast and depth perception.

  • UV400 Filter for maximum UV protection – 100% UVA/UVB protection.

  • Soft and airy foam lined to deter wind turbulence and added comfort.

  • Double-sided anti-fog coating to deter lens fogging.

  • Rubber tipped arms for easy helmet insertion.

  • A free microfibre storage pouch is also included.


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Yellow tinted lenses increase contrast and depth perception making these ideal for winter use and even overcast or hazy summer days, they also help in fog! They are also used for night driving in the U.S as they filter out the somewhat scattered, out-of-focus blue light from the scene so we perceive a brighter scene. Shatterproof decentred lenses give upmost optical quality and U.V protection, the wraparound design ensures maximum peripheral vision for rider safety, whilst the double side antifog coating and venting helps deter lens fogging. They are also lined with foam for comfort and to help prevent wind turbulence behind the lenses if worn with an open face helmet. The arms (bows) are rubber tipped for a comfortable fit within your helmet and also so aid insertion whilst wear your helmet. The frame is matt black to help reduce reflected ligth within your helmet. A free microfibre storage pouch is also included for safe storage when your glasses are not in use, this also doubles as a safe and soft lens cloth when turned inside out. Global Vision is the No.1 selling eyewear brand at both Sturgis and Daytona Bike Week in the U.S


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