Freefall Skydiving

So you’re going to jump out of a plane from up to 13,000 feet and reach speeds up to terminal velocity of 120-130 mph and at these sort of speeds your eyes will need protection from the wind, debris and also the sun’s harmful Ultraviolet rays.

The view should be great but to see it in all its glory you will need good quality eyewear.

So how you will benefit from wearing our Freefall Skydiving goggles and glasses. Well firstly, all our lenses have full UV400 Ultraviolet protection whatever the tint and lens category and even the clear variants; then secondly there’s the shatterproof polycarbonate construction to protect your eyes from impact. In addition to this that our entire range are lightweight, aerodynamic and wraparound to ensure excellent peripheral vision.

All lenses are also decentred to ensure upmost optical quality and eliminate eyestrain that can lead to headaches.

Above all (pardon the pun) our goggles will keep the wind out of your eyes so that you can keep an eye on your altimeter!

A Free microfibre storage pouch is included with each piece of our eyewear.

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    Flare Clear

    One Piece UV400 Shatterproof Polycarbonate. Double Sided Anti-Fog Coated Lens. …


    Flare SM

    UV400 Polycarbonate Shatterproof lens. Comfortable Neoprene Foam Padding. Do…


    Flare YT

    Yellow Tinted Lens Increases Contrast And So Make It Appear Lighter In Overcast Conditions. …


    X800 Clear

    Stanag 2920 Rated Ballistic PC 3mm Easy Change Lens. The clear lens provides 100% U…


    Z 33 G-Tech

    Nasa Technology Shatterproof Multi Layer Lens. Comfortable Neoprene Foam Padding. …


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